So that’s why the weekend was so quiet.

My Blackberry finally gave up the ghost. I’ll probably be getting a new one this week, unless I can convince work to pay for 1X to my cell phone. The pager ended up getting little wet while doing laundry (that’s the official explanation), and now it still works, but only to the extent that it says “battery inserted incorrectly” on its screen. The funny thing is that it does this even without a battery inserted. I took it apart, and sure enough, there’s a 1 inch lithium-ion battery inside. Well, it doesn’t matter too much, since we were going to grandfather these anyway. Now I’ve got an excuse to speed up the replacement process.
Still, it’s been really good this weekend. I only had to go into work on Friday for a couple of hours, and I only got called 4 times yesterday. I know it sounds like a lot, but that’s actually a little quieter than a normal weekend for me.

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