Still in my pyjamas

Got to do some fun stuff this weekend. We almost got out to Starlight on Friday — we were almost out the door before we realized we could just keep drinking and hang out with C+J at their place instead. On Saturday we braved the mild, sunny weather in KW to go visit R+L in Toronto. By the time we got to Milton, there were white-out conditions, and maybe 4-5 accidents on the 401. Luckily, the snow tires, and R’s cavalier attitude towards snow storms gave us the wherewithal needed to get there and home safely. We dined in a pool hall/private club which had good nachos, but lousy service.
Today I did some painting and cleaned out some of the old boxes in the computer room. Got rid of a few things I’d never need again, such as the box for the digital camera I lost on that canoe trip, and that copy of Daikatana — still unopened. I found my old Quake 2 CD, so I played that for a little while. Hoping the weather’s going to get nice soon, so I can start doing stuff outside.

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