Dead Customer Pool

work had this thing at Dooly’s for a couple of hours. A “release party” or something. We played a little pool, threw some darts, and ate some junkfood. It petered out pretty quickly, and everyone went their own way. I was all set to do nothing more, but R suggested we go see “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” at Kings College. It was a pretty good film, but lacked plot, and was a little slow at times. Good movie, though. And a good translation of the book as well. All of Ebert’s points were valid — the film was a little twee.
Tonight I’ve got one of those customers from hell (no, not that customer). He had a problem on his end with a RADIUS server, and we agreed over the phone that he’d need his RADIUS expert to come in and look at the problem. However, now he’s emailed the powers-that-be and is demanding a refund because *we* couldn’t make it work. (sigh) I wish I could record phone conversations. He’s quoting some kind of sales agreement, and blaming his configuration problems on us. Like there’s anything I can do for him.
This isn’t the first time this has happened — that a customer has done something or acted a certain way over the phone, then turned 180 degrees when talking to the Sales team.

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