No coffee table yet, just coffee

Ok, there wasn’t anything at Sears Home in Kitchener. Man, they sure have a lot of plain-looking stuff in there today. It’s a drastic change from what they had, say, a couple of months back. For one, they had several cool serving bars and coffee tables. Now it’s all chunky dark brown wooden legs and overstuffed couches — more like what I was expecting at The Brick. And, no, I didn’t stop in at The Brick to look for anything.
I did happen to walk by that “Urbanspace*” place beside the Princess Twin, but it’s tiny and cramped, and there were three dour individuals inside, and I’d rather not deal with that kind of attitude tonight. I can deal with a handful of apathetic salespeople when it’s at an enormous warehouse, like Sears Home, but not in a closet of hipness like “Urbanspace*”.
I’m sitting at 1842, finishing off a double espresso, and staring at a big, heavy chunk of chocolate cheesecake, which I tried desparately to finish, but couldn’t. I honestly couldn’t — it has the texture of wax, and tastes like a stale piece of chocolate in another room might smell. One thing I will say, they really know how to decorate a plate around here. It was as if someone gave a five-year-old a bottle of caramel sauce and a whipped cream gun and said “play nice with the oversized plate, dear.” Yeah, it’s like someone got Jackson Pollock to garnish this cake.
There was a lot of crap fallout from that page over the weekend. Some tiny mom and pop company with maybe 50 customers was giving us grief because they didn’t know how to configure their own server. The guy was a serious split personality disorder with his emails. It was as if a Law and Order episode was playing out over my Blackberry — this guy was both good cop and bad cop when it came to getting things sorted out. He was all nice and apologetic and lovey-dovey over the phone, but about an hour later, he started screaming at the sales rep, then at the sales manager, then at whoever else would listen. Sales guy dropped him like hot china from the dishwasher. The best line I heard was “tell your tech support guy to get out of his hot tub and help me.” That was absolutely precious. I want to go buy a hot tub now.

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