On doors, floors, and Star Wars

Double Americano at 1842.
I was in the garage this morning, doing some measuring. R scrounged up some graph paper so that I could map things out (haven’t needed any of this since my D&D days). I figured it might be a good idea to get an idea of what needed to be done, and how much of each material was needed for the job. I’m starting with the furring strips, since they’ll go up pretty soon, after I get the walls and floor done.
Luckily, the garage is a little smaller than I estimated, about 12×22.5 not 12×30, which brings the square footage to about 270sq.ft. This considerably reduces the amount of subflooring I was going to need (huzzah!).
Ran into an old friend from my previous job. He seems happy enough, and the company’s doing well (nuts to them). One thing of note — he lives just a couple of blocks away from me, and just happens to be working on a project where he’s replacing his ugly metal garage door, and putting in some nice carriage doors. So we chatted a bit about home renovations, and things like that. We promised to send some ideas back and forth — maybe go in together on a do-it-yourself website, or something.
It’s girls night at my place tonight, so I get to make myself scarce. Maybe go out and get a couple of beers after work. Maybe see what other people are doing. One thing I’m definitely *not* going to do is see the new Star Wars movie. Nope. Not even thinking about it.