Two Weddings and a City Cafe Bagel

Been a busy weekend. Friday night, we drove to Toronto for L+R’s wedding reception. I was in charge of bringing the cake in from the Tung Hing bakery on Broadview and Gerrard. One gets nervous transporting a cake on one’s backseat during rush hour in Toronto. But we got it to the Richmond on time and we enjoyed the rest of the night. It was a nice venue, with painted brick, hardwood floors, glass walls, and a 30′ high ceiling. Clevermonkey provided some great music, although, at times, it seemed like we were having a party at *his* house. Some danced the night away, while I played it cool (I’m a social drinker/dancer) since I was driving later.
Saturday was S+A’s wedding and reception. It was more local, at Bimas Warung in Waterloo. The food and atmosphere were both fantastic. This one had an open bar, and the folks at Bimas make the best martini in town, as far as I’m concerned. With respect to the food, the restaurant served a fantastic south-east Asian meal (done in a Dim Sum fashion, where various plates were offered and passed around), and there was even food for us vegetarians. There was homemade ice cream and other delicacies for dessert — and to quote S’s words, it was true, the pumpkin siu mai was, indeed, “life altering”.
Today, we were up a little early, and we drove down to City Cafe Bakery for some fresh bagels. Got them right out of the oven — man, that’s a satisfying breakfast. Bought a loaf of bread as well, so we had some for later. Going to take it a little easier today.