Rambling on about garbage

It’s pretty quiet this morning at Cafe 1842. I’m typing away on my laptop from the corner table, mostly because it’s the one with the power outlet, and my laptop’s not very kind to batteries.
There’s only one other person sitting in here, a guy with a laptop, probably another blogger. He was just about to leave when one of the wait staff showed up for work — a tiny blonde. They seem to know each other, so he pulled out his laptop again, and ordered another coffee.
I suppose I could have gone into work this early, but I don’t feel like being there just yet. I’m enjoying a nice cup of coffee, and I’ve got a fully functioning computer in front of me with Internet access. No problemo. In fact, I could probably do my job just fine from here. Hmmmmn. Maybe I should talk to someone about that. Maybe we should redesign our offices so that they are more like coffee shops.
I bought some waterproofing paint last night, but didn’t try working on the garage, since the air was so humid. The thunder also suggested a lot of rain, and I didn’t want to try waterproofing while it was wet … which is kind of ironic. Also ironic is that this waterproofing paint requires the addition of water. Actually, I believe this stuff has a concrete base, so it probably cures like concrete — so humidity probably won’t affect it’s curing time.
R and I sat in the garage for a little while, going over some of the plans, and talking about ideas for the place. A skylight (or a pair of skylights) seems like a good idea, but I’m not sure if I’m good enough. I really don’t want the thing leaking during the first rain storm after installation. R was able to get a lead on a reliable contractor, though, so we might end up scoping out a price from him.
Looks like it’s going to rain again, and it’s been getting pretty muggy in here. That’s a good sign, I think. Maybe we’re finally on track for summer. That’ll be good. I can get out of the house and do more “outside” stuff. I feel like a loser for not having gotten my bike out yet, except to move it around in the garage.
I finally got rid of my old bike, along with a bunch of junk from the garage. We did a late night trip to Goodwill, and loaded the car up with all the crap that was getting in the way. I’ve still got a bunch of crap from the previous owner that I’m not sure how to dispose of: asphalt chunks that have hardened to and become part of a waste bin, a bucket of asphalt sealant which has separated into a big chunk of tar and a clear noxious liquid, a bin of concrete waste, and a whole lot of broken wood. I think I could take it all to the dump if I could find a way to transport it there (no way any of this is going in my car).
Ah well. Maybe the rain will pass by and I can get some stuff done after work.

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