I saw Starbucks

Did some weights this morning, but felt too lazy to run anywhere, let alone run on a treadmill for half an hour. So I showered up and grabbed some coffee at Starbucks. It’s really nice today, so I sat outside in the parking lot and listened to CBC. Pretty nice change from my usual routine.
I finally committed to my garage project by buying my first large project tool — a crosscut circular saw. There was a deal on Ryobi 10″ circular saws at Home Despot, so I picked one up on impulse, like someone picks up a pack of gum on the way through the checkout. I also picked up a 3′ level, but *didn’t* buy a carpentry square, so I have no idea of whether my saw is actually cutting properly or not. (sigh) They provide you with little allen keys and screwdrivers to help assemble the saw, but they don’t provide you with a tiny little carpentry square so that you can calibrate it.
Going to see if I can get some of that masonry waterproofing paint (oh yeah, and a carpentry square) and get to work painting the walls of the garage. When I’ve got a couple of nice days, I’ll have to clear everything out and do the floor too. There’s some 2×8 boards running around the top of the walls; I may have to remove/replace them, or at least pull all the 3″ rusty nails out of them. I also want to pull the rotten exterior framing off the garage door, and replace it with some new wood. This will be after I raise the threshold a little, to prevent water from rolling into the garage in the winter.
Look at me, using improper terms for things I know nothing about.

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