“War of the Worlds” sucks alien eggs

OK, maybe it doesn’t suck as bad as all that. It is interesting to look at the Tomatometer’s progress over the past two days. Wednesday around midnight, the meter was at 100%, with 20 reviews counted, and it’s been dropping ever since. Wednesday morning, around 10am, it had dropped to around 87%. Sure this is part of the normal progress of the Tomatometer — sometimes films will start low and move up as the reviews come in, but this was special. The whole embargo process made it an interesting study.
It started off promisingly, with 100% and 9 reviews the other day (even before it had been released).
The above picture was taken Wednesday afternoon. Down to 75%.
This one above was taken this morning, and shows some serious slippage after all the opinions came in. I’m not sure it’s finished yet. Makes me wonder how many people are going to go see it on Friday. Probably lots.
I think Ebert’s review sums it up fine:
They’ve “been planning this for a million years” and have gone to a lot of trouble to invade Earth for no apparent reason and with a seriously flawed strategy.
And, no, I’m not going to see the film, so I won’t be able to make an actual, credible review of it.