“War of the Worlds” sucks

Or, rather, it will. No, I haven’t seen anything except the terrible-looking previews and Tom Cruise’s bad acting.
The key thing is: neither has anyone else. For a film that’s opening on Wednesday, there are exactly 0 reviews on rottentomatoes.com (unless you count the year-old previews and the review for the soundtrack. The distributors have placed a “pre-screening order” on the film, making it impossible for reviewers to get the film before anyone else. This means bad things for movies — usually box-office suicide.
But it’s Spielberg, so who knows. The only thing one can say for sure is that we’ve got another “Independence Day” on our hands, and another film that capitalizes on the catastrophe of 9/11.
Really, do we need another remake of “War of the Worlds”? Name aside, this film’s been remade several times over the years, under different names, usually all dealing with the same basic concept — that aliens from somewhere else are trying to take over/destroy/conquer Earth. “Signs” and “ID4” are only the first two to come to mind. We need another alien film like we need another zombie film (yeah, I’m talking to you, Romero). This is a franchise that’s been done in just about every mass media so far: a book, radio show, film, TV series (remember that awful thing?). If Spielberg wanted to do something even slightly innovative, he’s have done it as a stage play, or a cartoon, or theme park ride, or something.
But really, why a film? Where’s the audience for this? Are the masses that stupid? That they need more Tom Cruise and explosions? Was I missing something? Did Bruckheimer suddenly gain some credibility and drop the project? Yikes … Did I just compare Bruckheimer to Kubrick?!
At least we know why Cruise has been going apeshit in the past couple of weeks … how else is this film going to get any press?
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