Atari and Activision team up

Atari has announced that its new Flashback 2 plug-and-play console will feature classic Activision titles Pitfall! and River Raid.
The new deal is something of a landmark in the history of the two companies – Activision was originally established back in 1979 by a group of ex-Atari developers who were fed up for not receiving credit for the games they created.
With its unique (at the time, obviously) side-scrolling platform action, Pitfall! was an instant hit when it was released in 1982. River Raid, which saw you flying a jet in a race to hit targets and collect fuel, followed two years later and was also a huge success.
The Flashback 2 features more than 40 retro titles, including arcade classics such as Missile Command, Asteroids and Combat, previously unreleased games and rare homebrew programs designed by fans of Atari’s early consoles.
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