Canadian mysteries

Here’s a bunch of cewl Canadian mysteries. Bet you never thought we were such a mysterious bunch, eh?
What happened to Tom Thomson?
Did the wrong man hang for Thomas D’Arcy McGee’s murder?
Who killed Sir Harry Oakes?
Is the Sasquatch real?
Does Ogopogo exist?
Did a UFO visit Shag Harbour, N.S.?
What happened to Ambrose Small?
Did Russians kidnap an Inuit family?
What ever happened to Ron Bax?
Who was the Mad Trapper of Rat River?
Is the Bambino’s first homerun ball in Lake Ontario?
Who ordered the destruction of the Avro Arrow?
Is there buried treasure at Oak Island, N.S.?
Butter tarts – a true Canadian invention?
CBC News Indepth: Canadian mysteries
When Deep Throat’s true identity was revealed on May 31, 2005, a decades-old mystery was laid to rest. CBC News Online looks at a few Canadian mysteries that have yet to be solved.