Mystery Spots Explained

We know them by many names such as Mystery-House, Mystery-Hill, Alien-Vortex or Magic-Shack, but collectively they are known as mystery spots because of the mysterious events which often occur near them. Lucky for us, owners of these curious sites love to show them off. Visitors are often welcome to come in and see the strange phenomenon…for a small fee. Mystery Spots began springing up during the depression and continue to draw crowds and delight visitors to this day.
Most mystery spots share the same basic presentation. You are shown into a special room where some strange phenomenon will occur. A guide explains that what you are about to see lies well-beyond the scope of science. The explanations may differ, but soon you will notice some very strange things happening. Balls roll uphill. Water flows briskly up the spout. Ordinary objects defy gravity and cling to the wall without support. People stand at impossible angles.
Mystery Spots – Explained

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