Culcept is a title that�s easy to miss in the sea of high-profile games. The Monopoly-esque board game is easy to learn but contains plenty of depth for those willing to master it.
Culcept is a book created by the Goddess, Culdra. An evil cepter � individual with the power to summon from the book � is set to conquer Culdcept and rule the universe. Yes it�s an excuse to make a board game, but it�s a grand story nonetheless.
The basic rules are simple � the player who reaches the set amount of magic points first, wins. At the start a player draws a card a rolls the die. The cards are made up of creatures and magic spells to be added to a players� deck. The board consists of squares that represent different elements � fire, water, forest, and desert. Creature cards can be placed on any element title, but if the creature matches that element it is boosted with HP. When a creature is placed on a tile the player owns that area. Every time you land on that area you can boost up the creature with magic points, transform the land to a different element, or switch the creature with another placed elsewhere on the board. When your opponent lands on it, they can battle the creature to try to take ownership, or pay a toll fee.
Culdcept Review for PlayStation 2 – Gaming Age

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