Traffic Stats

Signed up with on Thurs. I was interested in finding out more about my site and what kind of traffic I’ve been getting recently. I’ve got a referrer script running, but it doesn’t exactly tell me what kind of traffic I’m getting, just some disturbing queries, and many references from Google images, from people looking for Habbo pics… for whatever reason.
Needless to say, the first couple of days were a bit of an eye-opener, and the chart showed me that most of my new hits went for the gaming, cewl, and humour categories, followed by an equal number of requests to my blog, the sex category, and a query for “War of the Worlds Sucks”.
So there you have it. Zuckervati’s blog — as often as sex. The surprising thing is that I’m getting almost 200 hits per day. Not to shabby, considering I thought I was the only one reading this blog.

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