A War Against Pat Robertson

I’m in 1842 (and have been every day this week), reading Paul William Roberts’s book, “A War Against Truth.” It’s about Iraq and the U.S. invasion, war, and subsequent failures. Roberts is a Canadian journalist who has been covering the Middle East for over 30 years, and who was in Iraq when the U.S. started bombing. He watched his friends die, and he watched how the American media went, embedded with the U.S. troops, off the edge of objectivity, covering only what the government wanted them to.
He constantly points out the growing insanity with Americans, with American imperialism, and the lies and hate spread by the U.S. Which brings us to Pat Robertson. Isn’t it illegal to openly call for the assasination of another individual? Does he think that this is a way for America to spread democracy? By killing the democratically elected president of another nation? Does it worry anyone that this man has hundreds of thousands of followers? The only threat that Venezuela poses to the U.S. is the loss of a few barrels of oil, and that would harm themselves much more.
I don’t know. With this book and all the recent events, things just aren’t looking up for U.S. opinion.
I think someone should make a public call for giving Pat Robertson a wedgie. I’d say “assasination,” but I’m not a monster.

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