I’d fire this lawyer

If this were my mouthpiece, I’d send him packing. Imagine — not putting the recipient’s name on an official request… And the language…. did someone get their kid to translate the letter? Whoa. Too much legalese for me:
This is sequel to your non response of our earlier
letter to you on behalf of the Trustees and Executors
to the Will of late of Hon Engr.Billy Scotts(KSM),I
wish to notify you that you were listed as a
beneficiary to the bequest of the sum of Five Million
One Hundred Thousand US Dollars in the codicil and
last testament of the deceased. The late Engr. Billy
Scotts until his death was a former Managing Director
and pioneer staff of a big construction company Julius
Berger BV in the Netherlands. He was a very dedicated
Sufis and a great philanthropist during his life time.

Late Hon. Billy Scotts died on 9th February 2004 at
the age of 68,He was buried on the 23rd of February.
Late Billy Scotts even though he was an American
living and working in Holland as a foreigner he
requested before his death that he be buried here in
his words, “I regard here as My home and the people as
my people”. He said that this token is to support your
ministry and help to the less- privileged. I hereby
request that you forward to us your full contact
details, your current telephone and fax numbers and
your forwarding address to enable us file necessary
documents at the High Court of Justice probate
division for the release of this bequest of money.
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Earl Spencer
For the purpose of confidentiality, please send your
response to : earllaw2@netscape.net

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