My mom’s on the Internet!

Now, this is one of the weirdest emails I never expected to get at work (and I get penis-enlarging spam every day — even from co-workers!). It’s from my dad’s email account, so I was a little surprised by the wording and format:
Subject: hi from London
hi d—- daddy is trying to teach me how to use the computer. how is
everything in Kitchener? We are both fine and not enjoying this weather it’s just too hot. What did you do on the long weekend? wrong question since it’s only the government employees that get that holiday.
well i guess i’ll close because i’m starting to babble
Hope to see you and r—- someday soon.
love mom
Pretty cute, no? Who’d have thought my mom would get on the ‘net? Here was my response:
Subject: RE: hi from London
Hi Mom,
Good to hear you’re finally on the InterWeb.
Things are good, I was working Monday, but everyone else got the day off, so I got a spare day to use at some other point. We went swimming at a friend’s pool!
I’m glad you emailed me at work! My home Internet connection’s been offline for the past couple of days, since I moved all the networking equipment into this menacing 32-U server cabinet. My Linksys DSL router gave up the ghost, but I wasn’t able to pin it down until just last night. I thought it was the DSL modem, so I got this new 3Mb modem from a computer store in town (it’s one of those ones that you need to reprogram before you can use it). Anyway, I’m probably going to Best Buy tonight, and see if I can find a nice inexpensive DSL/Cable router that I can use in place of my old Linksys box. Its strange, because the unit still works as a switch, and appears to still work as a wireless access point, but the broadband router portion is completely non-functional.
Sorry for the jargon-ripe meandering. Hope you’re finding the InterWeb a fun place.
We’ll probably see you guys in the next couple of weeks or so.
Give my love to Dad.
I know, I’m going straight to hell.

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