Sun takes DRM open source

Digital Rights Management may currently be the single most contentious issue amongst computer users and music and DVD buyers but that has not deterred Sun Microsystems from establishing an open source alternative to the closed systems employed by the likes of Apple and Microsoft.
The Open Media Commons initiative has been set up to create a royalty-free copy protection technology that can be deployed across competing devices, platforms and media.
Sun’s COO Jonathan Schwartz argues that the current situation is restricting innovation and economic growth, something that a single standard could overcome but acknowledged that it will not be easy.
‘The industry generally falls into two camps: Those who support what we’re up to and others who want to collect a fee for using their own DRM standards,’ Schwartz told Reuters. By others he can only be referring in the most part to Microsoft, whose DRM is widely used by portable music player makers and music downloads stores such as Napster.
PC Pro: News: Sun takes DRM open source

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