The Empire Strikes Back at the Soffits

Finally persuaded R to watch “Empire Strikes Back” tonight. She said she liked it, but fell short of calling it a good movie. That’s all I can expect, I suppose. Pretty good luck on my part — she said she’d never watch another Star Wars film. This was another one of those 1993 laserdisc editions, without all the extra crap. So, at least she was seeing something that was worth watching, in my opinion.
(R looked like she was running out of things to do today. She baked 2 pies, made agar-jello, and went into St. Jacob’s to buy books. I’m sure she secretly liked “Empire”)
I just received a CARFAC news letter in my inbox the other day. This may mean they’ve accepted my application, which (I think) means I’m now officially a professional artist in Ontario. (huzzah!) Actually, I don’t know what it means, other than I’m shelling out $120 to get an email newsletter. But, it’s what I’ve been hoping for; it may make it a bit easier to do artistic things and get some kind of recognition for them. I might just bring some meaning to the studio-building fiasco.
Got some more work done there today. I finished insulating all the walls, and did some more cleaning of the soffits. There were two bucketfulls of garbage stuffed into the southeast corner, and it looks like a mouse was living in there. I’m pretty sure because I found him watching me from a large crack in the soffit. He was probably entering and leaving from a hole behind the eaves. I persuaded him to move along and then sealed up the hole with fibreglass insulation. I’m pretty sure mice don’t like chewing through that stuff. I also bought a 2×6 board to replace the apparently missing rafter. This large gap was making me nervous, since I’ve still got about 6 Princess Cinema seats stowed up there, and the MDF is bowing under the weight. Unfortunately, this is a 2×6, not a 2×4, like the ones that are up there presently — my plan is to nail the leftover furring strips to the tops of these 2x4s (making them effectively 2x6s), reinforcing them so I can put in a strong loft. I eventually plan on putting in some ceiling panelling to give the studio a more finished look.

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