Going Digital

Installed a new digital thermostat this morning. I figured it might end up saving me energy in the long run (well, R pays the utilities, so saving her some money) so I took the 10 minutes to pull the old one off and replace it with this shiny new plastic thing. It’s the same interface as the one in my parents’ home, so I know I’ll be able to program it.
I was doing some more work in the garage loft. I’ve been able to lay down some more sheets of plywood floor, but around 8pm I became a little self-conscious about the noise I was making. I suppose we’re finally seeing the end of summer, since it gets dark so much sooner. I’ll try to get in a little more tonight, and hopefully I’ll have a nice platform from which to insulate the roof.
That reminds me, I need to order that door and window from Home Despot. Takes 3 weeks for delivery.

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