ThudGuard Baby Helmets

Great, so say goodbye to those precious America’s Funniest Home Videos of kids falling over and cracking their skulls.
And what will become of the laughtrack? Hasn’t anyone considered the laughtrack’s feelings?
Strange New Products: ThudGuard Baby Helmets
The new headgear has a “stretchy circumference band” that allows for growth, and is made out of ultra-lightweight foam material to minimize pressure on developing neck muscles. There are also ventilation holes that allow heat to escape.

2 Responses to “ThudGuard Baby Helmets

  • Jo-anne Gilbert
    19 years ago

    I think they are wonderful! Who really wants to see babies crack their heads open – are you sick?

  • Good heavens no, I don’t want to see that. Nor do I want to see babies impaled on fireplace pokers or mauled by vicious animals. Unfortunately, there’s no sure way to prevent any of these tragedies 100%. The best solution is to keep an eye on your kid at all times. Babies can drown in less than a minute, in less than 2 inches of water.
    Substituting good parenting with these strange devices is a bad thing. These things are akin to the full body sumo wrestler costumes you can rent — I don’t think having one of these on your kid is any kind of safety replacement.
    Besides, America’s Funniest Home Videos ran for how many seasons? Good Christ, is it still running?
    How many small children banged their heads and were videotaped on that show? How many people laughed at other peoples’ misfortune? No ma’am, I’m not the one who enjoyed that show, no sirree.