Double Espresso

Originally uploaded by Zuckervati.

I walked into 1842, and the server behind the counter says, “Double espresso,” and points at me.
“Call me Dave,” I say. She gives me a sour look. Actually, she thought it was quite charming.
Finished up reading Burroughs’ “Exterminator!” today. It’s pitched as an experimental novel. I’d say it’s half right. More like a collection of similar-themed short story fragments, the best of which is about four agents in Mexico with poor short-term memories, who keep arresting each other.
Also finished playing with the Mororola RAZR V3. It was neat to play with, and certainly looked like a cewl cell phone, but ultimately was a little cumbersome to use for photoblogging. I’m sure with some work, it would be an ideal way to get images onto the internet, since you can snap a picture and then email it somewhere.
But maybe I’m not much of a photoblogger in that sense. Snapping pictures and sending them off to a blog in real time may not be my thing. Not yet, anyway.