Pictures from Pagwachuwan

Figured I’d get some pictures in from the trip. There’s plenty more, but these ones will provide an overview of the trip.
We started on a foggy morning. This shot was taken near Elmira. My eyes were too encrusted with sleep to see clearly, so I used the camera to see. Luckily, I wasn’t driving.
We got to the cabin and it rained for 3 days, turning into snow on the 3rd day. The beds were covered with heavy army surplus sleeping bags. We put our own sleeping bags inside. It still wasn’t enough to fight against the cold when the fires went out.
There were two sleeping rooms bereft of privacy, since they pulled double duty as storage rooms. If you needed a can of maple syrup (and we often did), you were obliged to go in and get it from the bunk room.
The first person awake would bundle up, run to the outhouse, and come in to stoke the fire. R was up early the first day there. With both wood stoves going, the place was plenty hot.
The rest of the time was nice and sunny. Snow melted quickly, and left us with 18 degree afternoons, and dozens of sluggish blackflies. Got bites all up and down my legs from them. In the morning, there’d be a heavy mist on the lake.
We did a lot of cutting/gathering wood. I used a chainsaw for the first time. Almost threw out my back trying to start the damn thing. One added bonus was the International Scout that they had. Yep one of the first SUVs, from back in the day when they were boxy and gas guzzlers. This one had no floors, so I kept thinking of how Fred Flintstone stopped his car by sticking his feet out the bottom.

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