A cool new transport

OK, so this may not solve the problem with carbon monoxide emissions, and while it may not solve the world’s fuel problems, this is probably the coolest looking scooter I’ve ever seen. It is also better for the environment than the Maxima, no doubt, and certainly costs less to drive (at least in the non-winter months).
You can get them at http://www.tngscooters.com, but I haven’t yet found any place in Canada that sells them. These guys apparently make great affordable scooters that don’t look like Vespas. Now that I’m starting to see more and more Vespas on the city streets, I keep thinking that they, like the Smart Cars, are the latest cool thing. It’s just that Vespas look so silly sometimes. At least with the Baja scooters, I can feel a little more macho — a little more Mad Max — without having to move to a motorcyle. Then it’s a whole different lifestyle; I have to buy different clothes, and get a new license, etc.

2 Responses to “A cool new transport

  • I think these are modeled after the Honda Ruckus. http://powersports.honda.com/2009/ruckus.aspx Which can be found at most Honda dealers.

  • Yeah, I’ve looked at the Ruckus, but at 49cc, it’s got about a third of the power of the Baja, and can’t carry two people (not like that’s important to me). Since getting my motorcycle license, I’d be more inclined to get a BMW F650 so my friends don’t make fun of me.