Sour Grapes Mania

Sitting at 1842 this morning, reading yesterday’s copy of The Record, the insipid Kitchener newspaper, and I find an article dedicated to Mike Pegg, of Google Maps Mania fame. (sigh) I knew he was going to achieve temporary fame from his blogging endeavour, but I figured it would be short-lived — the typical lifespan of a niche website. I’m not envious of his success, per se, just a little surprised to see him popping up in worldwide media. He’s had articles in the New York Times, the Motley Fool, and he’s been on a Reuters news feed for a little while now. He’s just about to start some television interviews — all because he blogs about something that people are maniacally interested in. He’s an adaptive blogger — one who picks a popular topic and starts blogging about it. There’s nothing wrong with this, and if it’s a topic you enjoy, then hey — you’re set. If you’re establishing a business plan, then blogging about something that people are maniacally interested in — well, it’s a great idea!
I’m really not envious of his success. I’ve seen the number of daily hits on his website (once I watched as the number of hits reached over a thousand in an hour!). I know I wouldn’t want that kind of fame. I know my webserver probably couldn’t handle it. I’m also not envious of the way he picks his topics — I’m much more interested in my way of doing things with the Missing Links page, and couldn’t bring myself to list only very directed links to, say, Cronenburg film news, or Intel chip technology (neither of which is currently enrapturing the world-wide media, of course). How about George Lucas films, or iPod technology? Yup, couldn’t do it. And I’m certainly not envious of his appearance in “Teh Record(sic)”. I know I can get in there simply by stripping and running into the street. Yes, that ‘s more my style.
I think it’s that I know him personally, and up until I met him, the blogging thing was kind of my thing. Oh, sure, it wasn’t my exclusive domain, and I’m well aware that all my friends blog as well. I’ve never wanted to become a world-wide celebrity, but it was my big goal in life to become a *local* celebrity — that, and to take a bullet for someone. I think that was my most recent revision of “My Big Goal in Life.” I’ve always wanted to give some kind of outer meaning to my existence, through my art, my words, my thoughts, or even simply by being able to go into a restaurant and say “the usual, please,” and having someone bring a plate of two over-medium eggs, brown toast, and some fried tomatoes, with a cup of black coffee. Or in 1842, a double espresso.
Ah well, I’m beginning to sound like a teen blogger again. I hope Mike does really well. I’m happy for him.

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