Founder of veganism dies

DONALD WATSON survived to the age of 95; good propaganda in his campaign to convince the world that there is nothing inherently lethal about a vegan diet. He always regarded himself as a propagandist, in the termâ..s non-pejorative sense. When interviewed at 92 he was pleased to report that he had lived thus far without resort to medication â..either orthodox or fringeâ., and with hardly a dayâ..s illness.
His parents were meat-eaters who did not enjoy particularly good health or long lives. His father, a headmaster who had worked his way up from being a farm boy, impressed on his son the importance of never swearing, which was helpful, Watson said, when spreading the word: â..It annoys some people, and propagandists should not annoy anyone except with the truth of their message.â.
While staying at the farm run by his much-loved Uncle George, Watson was shocked to see his uncle direct the slaughter of a pig. Its screams remained with him ever after. â..I decided that farms â.. and uncles â.. had to be reassessed: the idyllic scene was nothing more than death row, where every creatureâ..s days were numbered.â. He became a vegetarian, but continued to worry about dairy and other animal products and the way in which their industries were linked to the slaughterhouses.
Donald Watson – Comment – Times Online

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