Lovecraft: Credentials are a tricky thing

Lovecraft Story Translates to Acclaimed First Film.
Did I go to film school? No, I was actually finishing up a BA in political science when I made my movie. Do I have a job in the film industry? Not unless video rentals count. I work full-time at Videoport, an independent movie store in Portland, Maine, and part time at the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence.
And that’s right, I don’t live in Hollywood, New York or Vancouver. I live in Portland, birthplace of such diverse talent as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Judd Nelson and Liv Tyler.
So what have I got? Well, a little ingenuity, some blessed ignorance and a passion for the writing of an obscure author named Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
MovieMaker Magazine | Issue #45 | Lovecraft Story Translates to Acclaimed First Film

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