Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3

Honestly, I don’t think he got them all. https://youtu.be/GrDwtLl1p0A  

Woody Is Better Than Buzz

Kind of NSFW, but you probably already guessed that. 46 Reasons Why Woody Is Better Than Buzz Lightyear [NSFW]: Pics,...

Wishery (Disney Remix)

Remix of Snow White by Pogo (or Fagottron, that unfortunate YouTube account name). YouTube – Wishery (Disney Remix)

Cowboys and Aliens

So this is kinda awesome. Came in right under the radar. Topless Robot – The Cowboys and Aliens Trailer Features...

Tron Legacy – Official Trailer

This looks pretty awesome. Pretty damn awesome. https://youtu.be/qIpU7dYDmAA YouTube – TRON LEGACY – Official Trailer #3

Superman II Ending

Isn’t this how it ended? My memory’s pretty fuzzy. It’s been a while since I saw this film. YouTube –...

Thunderbusting makes me feel good

Awesome remix. https://youtu.be/jiH1wNmZTII YouTube – Thunder Busters (AC/DC vs Ghostbusters Mashup) by Wax Audio

Comparing Impossible Project’s Polaroid Film

I recently received a couple of boxes of PX 70 Color Shade from The Impossible Project‘s online store. They’ve recently...

Titanic 2

Oh, the hubris! When will we learn? https://youtu.be/f720MNvOeVc Cynical-C | Titanic 2

Snub Fighter (Star Wars Re-edit)

Han’s a proper badass in this one. Luke’s a whiny, incompetant brat. YouTube – Snub Fighter (Star Wars Re-edit)