Wawadigital.com is a complete and utter scam

Wawadigital.com (and its pseudonyms, Stop4Camera.com, Starlight Cameras, Stargate Photo, and probably half a dozen others) is a complete and utter scam, apparently. They are one of many online companies that sells the camera for below cost, but cancels the order on you unless you buy hundreds of dollars of over-priced accessories.
They are also, apparently abusive to their customers, according to the following couple of sites:
Leeholmes.com: Customer Service at WaWaDigital â.. “I’m going to break your neck.”
Abusive New York Camera Store Threatens to Break Customer’s Neck (thomashawk.com)
Boing-Boing: WaWa Digital cameras threatens to break customer’s neck
Here are some more reviews. I wanted to see if I could find a balanced set of reviews for this company (I couldn’t):
A CNET Forums posting by mabi in Forum Digital cameras
WawaDigital.com ripoff Brooklyn New York (badbusinessbureau.com)
Epinions Review of WawaDigital.com
Resellerratings.com review of Stargate Photo/Wawa Digital/wawadigital.com