California School District Drops Creationism Course

Americans United for Separation of Church and State today announced that it has settled a lawsuit over a California school districtâ..s decision to teach a course promoting creationism.
Americans United, with assistance from the law firm Arnold & Porter LLP, filed suit against the El Tejon Unified School Districtlast week, seeking to end a course called â..Philosophy of Designâ. that promoted creationist ideas, including â..intelligent design.â. The course, taught at Frazier Mountain High School in Lebec by special education teacher and soccer coach Sharon Lemburg, relied heavily on videos produced by fundamentalist Christian groups that espouse creationism.
The El Tejon case, AU maintained, was even more problematic because it relied heavily on â..young-earthâ. creationist materials that insist that the biblical Book of Genesis is literally true and is scientific a controversial view held by many fundamentalists but rejected by other Christians. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the teaching of creationism in public schools in 1987.
By permitting the course, the El Tejon District was elevating the fundamentalistChristian viewpointover others and misrepresenting religious concepts as scientific, Americans United asserted in legal documents.
Americans United: California School District Agrees To Drop Creationism Course, Settle Lawsuit