Ohio’s embarrassing state school board

The federal judge who overturned teaching “intelligent design” in public school biology classrooms in Dover, Pa., concluded that the local school board acted with “breathtaking inanity.” U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III (a Bush appointee) found the notion that a supernatural power must have guided the evolution of species to be warmed-over creationism, outside the realm of science and well inside the realm of particular religious belief.
When the board injected intelligent design into the science curriculum of a public school system, it crossed the line separating church and state.
What might a judge eventually say about the state school board in Ohio, which this week refused by a narrow margin to revise its guidelines for teaching biology? Those guidelines create false controversy over Darwinian evolution, singling it out from all other scientific theories for critical analysis, indirectly but quite deliberately guiding students toward the conclusion that an intelligent designer (God) must have shaped each amazing, complex organism. Would the judge conclude that in the wake of the Dover decision, the state board in Ohio acted with breathtaking stupidity?
Beacon Journal | 01/12/2006 | A lack of intelligence — but by design?