Massively Multiplayer Games For Dummies

Well, it was bound to happen.
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  • Part I: Getting Started with MMGs.
  • Chapter 1: Introducing Massively Multiplayer Games.
  • Chapter 2: Finding Your Perfect World.
  • Chapter 3: Making the Connection.
  • Part II: Your First Few Days: Going from Newbie to Pro.
  • Chapter 4: Your First Day: Embracing Your Inner Newbie.
  • Chapter 5: Your First Week: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.
  • Chapter 6: Getting Help from Customer Support.
  • Part III: Playing Well with Others: Not Just for Elementary School Anymore.
  • Chapter 7: Solo versus LFG: Why (and How) to Find Other Players.
  • Chapter 8: There Is No â..Aieeeâ. in Team: Helping Your Group Survive.
  • Chapter 9: Emily Post Never Wrote about the Undead: MMG Etiquette.
  • Part IV: From Group to Guild: Making Your Mark in the World.
  • Chapter 10: What Is a Guild, and Whatâ..s in It for Me?
  • Chapter 11: Finding the Right Guild for You.
  • Chapter 12: Guilds in the Long Term: But I Already Have a Family!
  • Part V: Have Fun Storming the Castle: The Endgame.
  • Chapter 13: What the Endgame Means: How Do I Win?
  • Chapter 14: The Buck Starts Here: Being an Online Merchant.
  • Chapter 15: Writing Yourself Into the Story: Roleplaying.
  • Chapter 16: Slaying the Dragon: Raiding.
  • Chapter 17: The Most Dangerous Enemy: Player vs. Player.
  • Part VI: Where to Go from Here.
  • Chapter 18: The Game Outside the Game: Message Boards and Web Sites.
  • Chapter 19: Knowing When to Say When.
  • Part VII: The Part of Tens.
  • Chapter 20: Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Played My First MMG.
  • Chapter 21: Ten MMG-Related Web Sites.
  • Chapter 22: Ten Proudest Achievements in an MMG (From Selected Players).
  • Appendix: A Glossary of Newspeak: MMG Jargon.