2005 Game of the Year: City of Villains

They won Developer of the Year, so I am sure some saw this coming. City of Villains had the advantage of coming out in a relatively weak year for the MMORPG genre, but that does not diminish what it accomplished. The game has the singular distinction of not only being a solid stand-alone product, but making another product – City of Heroes a lot more fun through their PvP-interplay.
At an event in San Francisco, Jack Emmert told us that the base-building feature was meant to be to City of Villains what character creation was to City of Heroes. This feature lets players build their own evil-layers and even extends back into City of Heroes for those that play both.
Throw in the previously mentioned PvP additions, in-depth character creation, the villainous theme and rich world Cryptic Studios has developed and you have yourself an extremely fun product that delivered on its promises. It also launched just a year and a half after Heroes, despite the fact Cryptic also put out a number of free-expansions to the original during this time.
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