No food, no camera, no enthusiasm, no limit

I’m sitting in 1842, at my usual table, the one in-between the windows, eating a caramel-cappucino muffin and drinking a double espresso. I don’t usually eat the muffins here, but we’re running out of food at home — I’ve got to do a grocery store run soon. I’m sitting backwards today, facing King St. Not something I normally do, but there’s a guy at the centre table, and I don’t want to crowd his style.
I’m having a hard time getting things done these days. I’ve no enthusiasm about anything at all, except time-wasting stuff, like surfing the web, watching DVDs, reading, or just staring off into space. It’s as if I’m still in vacation mode.
work isn’t really challenging me, either, and I’m struggling to find things to do. We’ve got a release coming up, so until then I’m scrounging, trying to get those little ‘extra-curricular’ projects out of the way. I’ve got a training allocation, so maybe I’ll look into some kind of programming course, or advanced UNIX thing — maybe get my Oracle DBA, or something. In the next couple of months, I may actually be travelling to Europe or South America to assist the Sales team. This sounds like a lot more fun that what’s going on now.
I’ve been looking at getting a digital SLR camera. More specifically, I’ve been looking at getting an SLR camera, but since even the professionals are using digital SLR, I might go with the newer technology, since I’ve no real interest in developing my own film, nor paying to have it developed by a third party. There was a photographer in at work yesterday, and through conversation, I found out that he’s got an old Nikon D1x for sale (originally, a $5000 camera). He wants $1800 for it, and there’s no lens, but it comes with a $600 flash unit, 3 batteries, and some chargers. Sounds like a bargain, if I want to go the high-end of things. But I was looking at a couple of newer lower-end models for around the same overall price, which include lenses. I’m also admittedly very cheap and very lazy, so I’ll probably not get anything for a while.
Played some no-limit Texas Hold’em last night at a co-worker’s house. That was a neat experience, although somewhat different from what I was expecting — here I was thinking of a dark, smoky room; us with cigars, and green money-counting visors; someone with a black cowboy hat; and all of us smoking cigars. No, this was a little more like Star Trek TNG, except without the sparkly spandex. It was just a bunch of geeks who watched a little too much of the world championship poker tournaments, and who played occasionally online. I vowed to bring some cigars to the next one. Overall, I came in third, and only after getting more chips in a buyback. Not good, but not too shabby, considering I don’t play poker.