Right-wing U.S. groups urged not to talk about election

Right-wing groups in the United States have been urged to avoid crowing about the likelihood of a Conservative victory in Monday’s election for fear of scaring off potential voters, according to a leaked e-mail written by the leader of a prominent American conservative group.
“Canadian voters have been led to believe that American conservatives are scary and if the Conservative Party can be linked with us, they can perhaps diminish a Conservative victory,” Paul Weyrich, president of the Washington-based Free Congress Foundation, wrote Thursday in an e-mail forwarded to other conservative leaders.
Mr. Weyrich’s e-mail was sent to an assistant who was asked to forward it to other right-wing groups. It made its way through two e-mail groups of right-wing sympathizers before landing at the New York Observer, which published it on its website.
Mr. Weyrich, 61, is a long-time conservative activist and commentator. In a column written in 2004, he argued that free speech was dead north of the border because it was “no longer permissible in Canada to preach that homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle. That is now hate speech. A minister or priest risks jail by preaching what is in the Scriptures.”
The Globe and Mail: U.S. groups urged to keep quiet on Conservative victory