Celery + Gravity = Art Frahm

It is unfair to judge Art Frahm by these illustrations. He did many that were much, much worse. (And better, too.) But the falling-panty theme is a staple of his work. These pictures aren’t taken from a calendar he did when hungry and desperate, chafing against the dictates of some gnomish pervert who wanted a year’s worth of falling-panty pictures. These date from throughout the 50s. It’s a theme to which he returned again and again – and you have to wonder why.
As usual, she’s looking at us, but there’s no embarassment here – just a sort of nonchalant boy-what-a-day expression. In fact, her problem seems to be our gaze, not the fact that her underwear has fallen off on a streetcorner. If we weren’t there, you get the feeling she’d just stare straight ahead, panties around her ankles, and then hobble across the street when the traffic permitted.
LILEKS (James) : Institute: The Peculiar Art of Mr. Frahm

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