The Eve of A New Beginning

First launching players into the deepest folds of outer space in 2003, Eve Online has captivated the imagination of tens of thousands of fans around the world. Attracted by the sophisticated gameplay and highly-detailed graphics, and set against the backdrop of deep space, players from around the globe vie to compete in battles that will determine the fate of the universe. The game, which has been perpetually played out on a single shard or instance for the last several years, is in fact creating its own history, which is continually canonized in EON, the official EVE Online print magazine.
While a growing number of gamers join the fray to conquer mega-space stations, EVE Online has been quietly conquering its own records. At the dawn of 2006, EVEâ..s subscription base closed-in on the one hundred thousand mark, and just recently the game peaked with over 23,000 concurrent users. Amazing, but not surprising to the EVE Online team, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, who have seen this record surpassed weekly since the end of 2005.
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