‘Brokeback Mountain’ Gay Tours

Neat. Hey, for $200 I’ll be a pre-op transgender lesbian.
GayNZ.com – News
The success of â..Brokeback Mountainâ.. at the Academy Awards has provided a new opportunity for gay and lesbian tourism in Canada. The film, a love story about two Wyoming cowboys was shot almost entirely in and around the town of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
A travel agency in Taiwan is the first to offer package holidays to the region. While not marketed solely to gay travellers, if you can illustrate youâ..re gay or lesbian, youâ..ll receive a $200 discount. Holidaymakers have long visited Southern Alberta, with its wide-open countryside and spectacular vistas.
The town of Fort Macleod is divided over the prospect of gay people visiting in greater numbers, but according to Gordon MacIvor, the local economic development officer, â..visitors to the town will be welcomed and not judged.â.

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