Film Review: SlipStream (1989)

Interesting speculation on what happened to this film.
Cold Fusion Video Reviews: Slipstream

Here’s what I like to imagine happened: Producer Gary Kurtz (of American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Dark Crystal, plus others) came to director Steven Lisberger (who also directed Tron, and who hasn’t been in the director’s seat since Slipstream) after two-thirds of principle photography was completed.
“Sorry,” says Kurtz, “we ran out of money. The investors dried up. No more aerial photography. No more location shoots.”
“But — but — but,” stammers Lisberger, “we can’t just scrap it. Look at what I’ve done so far! Look at the beautiful aerials! Look at the message of friendship! Look how mean I’ve made Mark Hamill look! There’s got to be some way to finish the picture.”
“Well,” says Kurtz, “here’s what I’ve got: A big, opulent museum set, and a whole bunch of ’20’s costumes. And I think we can get F. Murray Abraham for one day of shooting. Maybe you could do, like, a Boy and His Dog thing.”
Lisberger goes into deep thought, furiously reviving the plot, as Kurtz walks away.