New iPod

My new iPod came in today! Yeah, I know, I’ve joined the cult of the iPod. Really, I wanted it to play videos while travelling, so that I didn’t need to buy the in-flight headphones. Also, I’m getting tired of storing CDs in my car, and listening to the same music all the time.
So, my options were easy. I could either buy an mp3 CD player, and insulate it with wads of cash, or I could just buy an iPod. But I’m really a stingy guy when you get down to it, and I hummed and hawed over the damn thing until my company ordered a bunch of Mac developer stuff, including a bunch of Mac Minis. Since we got a discount, and an iPod counts as a “peripheral”, I decided I owed it to myself to take advantage of this deal.
And the iPod came in today. Now I just have to figure out what to do with this damn thing. 60GB. That’s a lot of space for an mp3 player.

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