A GoogleMap test with Waterloo, ON locations

Thought I’d try to put another static Google Map in, with multiple sites. It’s a little trickier to put two Google Maps on the same index page, so I had to fumble with the code a bit. I’ve moved the API key up into the index template’s header (where it should be), and assigned unique codes (based on the entryID) to the map variable. And it seems to work pretty well. I’m still learning, but it appears to be a good way to get static maps in place without messing with MT’s inner-workings.

It’s a bit of a pain remembering to insert HTML tags by hand, but the script won’t work if you let Movable Type convert line breaks.

The following map details 3 restaurants I like to eat at. Well, two restaurants I like to eat at … and also the Rude Native Bistro.


UPDATE: The new script I was working on was causing problems with my page in IE and Netscape, so I put it on hold for the short term. It also wasn’t rendering in the permalink page either.

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