NSFW Search Statsitics

Ah, the end of another month. I decided to check my webstats and see what people were searching for. You know, one gets curious about why people visit their site.
Some searches were expected, and made me feel like I’m doing my part on the Internet. I like to think that I’m helping out by posting useful information about my interests. Here are some of those searches:

  • multiple biquad antenna
  • googlemaps code
  • pre-gessoed canvas
  • 5260 firmware

Mostly, there were weird sex fetish searches:

  • chastity keyholding services
  • excited peeing
  • people pay to fuck bullmastiff
  • dreadlock porn
  • handbag ejaculate fetish
  • the sexiest long toenails
  • art of stroking yourself

And there were a few I didn’t quite understand:

  • election tits fayette county
  • seth macfarlane is atheist
  • quebec’s hobo
  • Film Ignites the Wrath of Hindu Fundamentalists
  • pot roast recipe “Chuck-a-Rama”
  • Hildegard Bergbauer

Here’s the top 10 list of searches, listed in order of popularity. They accounted for about 25% of the total searches on my site for the month of May. Needless to say, I should either cry or put some more porn content on my site:

  1. punishment
  2. how to change your habbo hotel character into a sith lord
  3. corporal punishment
  4. sexy wife
  5. fetish flowchart
  6. roxanne’s waterloo
  7. my penis
  8. how to make a tantra chair
  9. shaved headed bitches
  10. scarlett johanson breast implants

I never wanted a “family friendly site”, per se, but wow. Just — wow. Maybe I should find our more about that Habbo Hotel Sith Lord thing.

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