Legal Disclaimer

If you send us music for playlist rotation and subsequent broadcast, you need to either license the music in the Creative Commons, or use some other copyright scheme. In any case, please let us know, in as much detail as possible, what use limitations apply when/if we offer your music to our listeners. If you don’t provide any copyright information, we will assume you are granting us a non-exclusive and license to use it in our streams. This allows you to provide us with content in exchange for us providing you an outlet for it.
If you no longer want your tunes on our playlist, you should let us know, and we will withdraw it from rotation.
We at Radio Zuckervati are BIG fans of Creative Commons licensing and would love it if you could release a few tracks to us under a CC license. This will give us the most flexibility in promoting your music through our site. For more information regarding the Creative Commons, check the website:
By sending any graphics or other information to you are granting us a non-exclusive license to use it. This information is not confidential and we can use it as we see fit — that includes reproducing it, disclosing it, publishing it, or otherwise broadcasting it here. Subject to our Privacy Policy and your rights regarding the protection of personal data (we’re not monsters, after all), the bottom line is that we may use anything you send us to post online. We’re reasonable people, and we will deal with reasonable requests.
Blog content that isn’t already covered by existing licenses is protected by a Creative Commons license ( with some rights reserved. Please keep this in mind when submitting to us.

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