Music Submission Boilerplate

For submission requests, please contact:
We at Radio Zuckervati have a pretty open music policy, and generally welcome submissions of all styles/genres of tracks, live sets, videos and DJ mixes. Currently there is a focus of indie rock, hip hop, breakbeat, ambient, electronica, electro, punk, all manners of trance, and plenty of styles of house music. We have a great sense of humour as well, and will accept comedy, spoken word and poetry for consideration.
We feature and review artists, groups, indie labels, DJs, etc. from all over the Interweb. We’re not big, but we do represent a niche listenership. The more interesting your music, the more likely you’ll be reviewed.
We are big, BIG fans of Creative Commons licensing and would love it if you could release a few tracks to us under a CC license. This will give us the most flexibility in promoting your music through our site. However, if you prefer to use a more traditional copyright scheme please let us know, in as much detail as possible, what use limitations apply and in what capacity (stream, download) we may offer your music to our listeners. For more information regarding the Creative Commons, check the website:
If you no longer want your tunes on our playlist, you should let us know, and we will withdraw it from rotation.

Sending in Music

You can send music and information to us through snail-mail, or send us links to your online tracks/mixes/videos, or you can send tracks/mixes through various file-sharing services online, such as yousendit ( Use the webmaster[at] email for yousendit.
Email us first for a snail-mail address. We’d like to know what to expect in our post box.
We just have a few guidelines to keep things running smoothly:

  • Please do not send us any emails with attachments. Our server will delete them.
  • For sending music samples: Please send all postal submissions on CD. Music files can be normal CD audio, Microsoft .wav files, .mp3s (please make them 128 kbps or better) and Ogg Vorbis (.ogg). Artists please send any full albums, eps, live sets, or a selection of your best tracks, DJs please send 1/2 mixes, and be sure to label all CDs properly.
  • If you send us links to music in email, that’s fine. We’ll have a listen if the music files are in high quality (128 kbps or better) .mp3 or .ogg format. Please send links to any full albums, EPs, live sets, or a selection of your best tracks/mixes. If you have all your music in one spot on the Interweb, send a link to the page and we will check it out. We will not follow links to streams, unless they are Shoutcast-like.
  • We will not add any RealAudio to our playlist, and will not consider these submissions.
  • For sending information: Make sure you include a sheet with plenty of information about the artist in question. The bio should include details of the artist’s history, influences gigs, releases, reviews, and anything you feel is relevant. Don’t send an email with only links in it. That bugs us. Include info about yourself.
  • For sending pictures: Data CDs and mixed-media CDs are acceptable too. We like images and artwork, heck, we love images and artwork. All images will be required in digital format (jpeg/bmp/gif/etc.) we will not scan images. Again, please do not send us any emails with attachments. Our server will delete them.

We try to reply to everyone that sends stuff to us — heck, we’re flattered that you take the time to do so. It may take a while to sift through the pile of submissions.
We promise to listen to everything you send us. We will add the best ones to our playlist if you let us. We will write reviews for the best ones and maybe some of the worst ones. At either extreme, you will probably get some added publicity.

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