natto is an acquired taste

natto is made from fermented soybeans. it is a japanese food that is traditionally eaten for breakfast. historically, steamed soybeans were packed in rice straw, which naturally contains the bacterium bacillus natto, and left to ferment in a warm place. today, cultured b. natto is simply added to the cooked beans. apparently, natto is very healthy. but mostly, natto tastes really, really bad.
i grew up in france, and in my limited experience, i would say there is nothing i have eaten that i have not liked. i eat snails, naturally. innards don’t make me wince. i’ve eaten brain, i love blood sausage, i will eat kidneys. i grew up with blue cheese and i actually enjoy marmite. but natto, i have to say, i do not like. not even remotely.
now, i have always believed that one can get used to anything. aversions are usually cultural, and are triggered by the unknown or unfamiliar. so the question i pose myself is not: can i actually learn to like natto, but: how long will it take?
Natto Project

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