Something’s Freezing Over

Well, it’s snowing in April, and the Conservatives are in power. Tim Horton’s has IPO’ed, I’ve got an art exhibit, and Microsoft is supporting Linux now. I’m beginning to think Hell has frozen over.
Ah, I’m just kidding. There’s no Hell. Everything’s pretty good, aside from the bone-chilling cold. We were outside doing yard work on the weekend. I kind of slacked off, since I was busy getting ready for the show at the Queen St. Yoga Studio, and had to supervise (not like I helped any) the installation of my paintings. By the time I got back, R had filled 13 bags of yard waste, and had amassed a pile of branches. I added to the pile with my new tree trimmer device — you know, that thing that’s a big fiberglass pole with a rope and cutters attached to one end. Used it to cut some large branches that were encroaching on the neighbour’s yard and over some hydro or telephone wires. I also picked a fight with one of the three trellises (trellii ?) on the side of the garage/art studio. I eventually won, but whoever put these things up must have buried them a foot into the ground. I spent some time getting tangled in rose thorns and vines before I figured it out. I’m going after the other two next, and will replace them with something nice. Then I’m going after the heart-shaped shutters. I mean it this time.
Now all that work we did is hidden under a light blanket of snow. Ah well, at least Winter is finally here.

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