Will Harper be expected to help with Iran?

Harper may not have had time to read it himself, but the foreign affairs people in Ottawa’s Pearson Building will most certainly be aware of the long article by Seymour Hersh in the latest edition of the New Yorker magazine. Hersh reveals an impressive array of sources and reports that suggest the United States is planning to invade Iran.
Most chilling of all, Hersh reports that there is an active debate within the administration as to whether the Americans should use tactical nuclear weapons to wipe out Iran’s nuclear installations.
The reason Harper should be concerned is that if the Americans commit themselves to action against Iran, they are obviously going to be looking for friends and supporters. Bush would remember that when the Chrétien government refused Canada’s support for the invasion of Iraq three years ago, Harper was sharply critical. With a change in Ottawa, Bush might expect Canadian support against Iran.
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