Canadian musicians denounce suing music fans

Some of Canada’s musical heavyweights want their fans to continue to be able to download songs without the fear of being sued.
A group of musicians — including Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo and Broken Social Scene — gathered in Toronto on Monday to hammer that message home to federal politicians who have begun to draft new laws to toughen copyright laws.
Some of the proposals being thrown around include making it illegal to share music online, which could lead to lawsuits. Artists call the move “destructive and hypocritical.”
The federal government has been under pressure by lobby groups and major recording labels to introduce tougher legislation and make it illegal to use free downloading sites.
The labels want the power to go after high-volume digital music sharers through the courts like their counterparts in the United States, who have filed dozens of lawsuits.
Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page said it would be a step in the wrong direction for the Canadian government to follow suit. | Canadian musicians denounce suing music fans

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