Hacking the chemical code of cream cheese

Itâ..s not easy to extract a large plastic syringe thatâ..s submerged in a tub of very firm cream cheese, but Mercedes Brighenti performs the task with elegance and precision. The sleeves of her white lab coat are rolled up, her long dark hair is pulled back, and her silver watch is pushed up on her slender arm. Still, the final tug flings little globs of cheese around the university lab â.. one of only two in the US with a cream cheese research program. Cheese-filled test tubes bubble nearby, and a small iron-clad oven fills the air with the smell of burnt dairy products. Brighenti has the lab to herself this afternoon. An embarrassed look creeps over her face. A clump of cream cheese dangles from her hair. â..I think people like to keep their distance when I do my research,â. the 29-year-old Argentinean says.
Wired 14.06: Schmear Campaign